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Cerynne comes from the English word "SERENE", meaning peaceful and relaxing. Cerynne is created in a good hope that every of our clients will not only enjoy our bespoke beauty services but also have a relaxing mood during the treatment.  

Semi-permenant Make-Ups
Our experienced semi-permanent make-up artist provides professional eyebrow embroidery, eyeliner enhancement and lip coloring service to those clients who pursue perfection in cosmetic beauty. Effects will last 1 to 1.5 years depends on body types.
Japanese Eyelash Extensions
Our signature Japanese Eyelash Extensions gives you a long-lasting and natural look by one-by-one / 3D volume extensions. It can be customized for different kinds of occasions to cater to your need. Japanese products guaranteed.
Organic Gel Mani/Pedi

As one of our signature treatment, we use high quality and environmental-friendly products orginated from France, which will give you extra shiny color and healthy nails. All gel products that we use are preganant-ladies-safe

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